Mawlid al Nabi celebration Trivia Examples

4-7 age group

What year was Prophet Muhammad (SAW) born?

Who were his mother and father?

Name his wives and children.

Who was his closest friend?

Where was he born?

How old was he when his parents died?

What year did he die?

8-10 age group

What was the year Prophet Muhammad (SAW) born in referred to as?

Who raised him?

Who nursed him?

Why and where was he sent away as an infant?

How old were Khadija (RA) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when they married?

11-14 age group

What is the Year of the Elephant?

Which sura in the Quran mentions this year?

How old was Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he received his first revelation?

What was the first word sent down?

In what year did he migrate to Medina?

Explain the Truce of Hudaybiyyah.

Explain Israa and Miraj.


Khadijah’s dowry, Miracles of the Prophet (SAW), his Farewell Speech, Signs
of the Last Day

*Children should study the Prophet’s life and know some Names of Allah
(SWT), Hadith, small suras of the Quran, Islamic months, the 5 prayers

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