About Us

Welcome to the Sultan Club!

The Sultan Club is a social/cultural organization that fosters the connection of families from Sultan Yacoub, Lebanon that live in the United States and Canada. While celebrating a rich heritage in an environment where meaningful partnerships can flourish, we offer support to improve and enrich the lives of those who extend beyond the boundaries of our club.

In our busy lives, it’s good to know there is a simple place to return where our roots connect us.

Sultan Yacoub

Sultan Yacoub

Sultan Yacoub is a Lebanese village, richly steeped in history, in the eastern Bekaa Valley, about 30 miles southeast of Beirut, Lebanon. Our membership includes direct descendants from this ancient land.

Described as the “Land of Milk and Honey” because of its fertile soil, Sultan Yacoub continues to deliver and thrive agriculturally. The Roman Empire referred to this particular area as the “Breadbasket of the Empire” due to its abundant farming. Today this serene village, cloaked in natural beauty, continues to provide a bountiful array of both tropical and Mediterranean crops.